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Imagine a life free from water worries, where a reliable source gushes forth at your command. At Manica Drilling, we turn that vision into reality. 

We are your one-stop shop for borehole drilling solutions across Manicaland, dedicated to empowering homes, businesses, and communities with sustainable access to clean water.

A Legacy of Expertise in Manicaland's Terrain

Manica Drilling is a Mutare-based company, deeply rooted in the rich soil of Manicaland. We understand the unique geological makeup of the region, from the fertile plains to the rugged mountainous terrains. 

This local knowledge, coupled with years of experience, allows us to approach each borehole drilling project with precision and efficiency.

More Than Just Drilling: A Comprehensive Service Approach

We go beyond simply drilling a hole in the ground. Our commitment to excellence encompasses every step of the borehole creation process:
  1. Free Phone Consultation: We begin by understanding your specific water needs and the intended use for the borehole. This free consultation allows us to assess your property and provide expert advice on the best drilling location and depth.
  2. Site Inspection (when available): Whenever possible, our team visits your location for a physical assessment. This on-site evaluation allows us to gather crucial data about the terrain and potential challenges.
  3. Professional Drilling: Equipped with advanced drilling rigs and adhering to the highest safety standards, our experienced drillers ensure a clean and efficient borehole construction.
  4. Casing and Development: We ensure the longevity and functionality of your borehole by installing a high-quality casing and completing thorough well development to maximize water flow.
  5. Free Quote & Transparent Pricing: Before we begin any work, you'll receive a comprehensive quote outlining the project scope and associated costs. We believe in transparent pricing and upfront communication.

Benefits of Choosing Manica Drilling:

  1. Local Expertise: Our deep understanding of Manicaland's geology translates to a higher success rate in locating productive water sources.
  2. Experienced Drillers: Our team boasts extensive experience and adheres to rigorous safety protocols, ensuring a smooth and successful drilling operation.
  3. Quality Materials: We use only high-grade materials, from casings to pumps, guaranteeing the durability and reliability of your borehole.
  4. Commitment to Sustainability: We promote responsible water usage and borehole maintenance practices to ensure long-term water security for generations to come.
  5. Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize open communication and address your concerns promptly, making your borehole drilling experience a positive one.

Unlocking a World of Possibilities: Applications of Borehole Water

A reliable borehole provides a multitude of benefits for homes, businesses, and communities in Manicaland:
  1. Domestic Water Supply: Enjoy the convenience and peace of mind of having a readily available source of clean water for drinking, cooking, and sanitation.
  2. Irrigation: Nurture your gardens and cultivate crops year-round with a dependable water source, even during dry seasons.
  3. Livestock Watering: Ensure the health and well-being of your animals with a constant supply of clean water.
  4. Commercial Applications: Businesses like car washes, lodges, and agricultural facilities can benefit significantly from a reliable borehole water source.

Taking the First Step Towards Water Security

At Manica Drilling, we are passionate about empowering communities and businesses in Manicaland with the power of clean water. Contact us today for a free consultation and unlock a world of possibilities with a borehole solution tailored to your specific needs. We are here to guide you every step of the way, from initial planning to a functional and sustainable water source.

Let Manica Drilling be your partner in securing your water future. Contact us today!

Contact Us: Feel free to Call or Message us on +263 78 977 9432 or send a WhatsApp message to so that you can get started! Manica Drilling offers services around Manicaland's seven districts which are as follows - Mutare, Nyanga, Makoni, Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge and Mutasa.
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Manica Drilling offers services around Manicaland's districts which are as follows - Mutare, Nyanga, Makoni, Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge and Mutasa. Manica Drilling
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