The Price or Cost Of Drilling A Borehole In Mutare and Manicaland Province - Zimbabwe!

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Imagine staying a day or more without water. I guess you are imagining how hellish is going to be. This brings us to the fact that man and the entire creation cannot do without water.

For example, to irrigate your garden, top up the swimming pool, provide household water to a small rural community or farm household or maybe even to service a multi-hectare irrigation scheme brings us to the point where a source of water is needed.

In most cases, that solution is a borehole. But drilling a borehole requires some research and planning, while the cost of a borehole in 2020 is largely dependent on its depth and the amount of casing to be used, the type of rock that will be drilled through, the actual ground conditions amongst others.
The Price or Cost Of Drilling A Borehole In Mutare, Zimbabwe!
The Price or Cost Of Drilling A Borehole In Mutare, Zimbabwe!
The average drilling cost or price of Drilling a Borehole in Mutare, Zimbabwe is around $40.00USD a metre, but this can be as much as $50.00USD per metre depending on the company. Yield testing is between $200.00USD and $500.00USD while the equipment might cost between $100,000.00USD and $200.000.00USD.

Additional costs might also be required if, for instance, you have to hire a motorized hoist to elevate the hydraulic rig machine into your backyard.

Water Borehole Drilling Process In Four Steps:

The following are the Water Borehole Drilling Process

1. Hydro-Geologists Site The Borehole: An expert called a hydro-geologist will look at the land where the borehole will be sited and determine the right location.

This expert ensures you are not drilling into natural hazards or man-made infrastructure such as (pipelines, cables, phone lines, etc).

2. Borehole Drilling And Casing: After the hydro-geologists must have located the right position, the next process is drilling and construction of the borehole.

Once the borehole has been drilled the necessary unstable lengths of the borehole are steel cased in an effort to reinforce the ‘tube’.

3. Determining The Yield Of The Borehole: Yeah, happy that water is gushing from the borehole, not yet, in order to accurately gauge the yield, an aquifer test will be performed.

Actually, this involves installing a test pump and pumping borehole water for a fixed set of variables; a given time at a given rate, and then assessing the test’s impact on the water level in the borehole.

4. Pumping And Piping The Borehole: After all necessary tests have been passed during drilling and the water certified good for consumption, a piping system will be installed although the nature of the pipe largely depends on the intended use of the borehole water.

Water borehole drilling cost depends on many different factors, processes, and components used to drill a borehole.

There are no two boreholes that will be the same, so it is best to work on an average or estimated cost of a borehole.

Factors that Impact Borehole Drilling Cost:

  • Type of ground.
  • Depth of the borehole.
  • The purpose of the borehole.
  • The machinery, manpower, and materials.

The type of ground and geology of the site where you want to drill a borehole is the biggest factor that will impact the borehole price.

Here Are The Estimated Costs in Zimbabwe

Estimated cost for a 40-metre borehole.

Price: $1200.00USD and above.
Estimated cost for a 60 metres borehole ± Price: $2000.00 and above.
The cheapest so far is $1200.00USD to drill a Borehole in Zimbabwe.

Borehole Drilling Cost Per Metre: According to Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe, the average drill cost is around $35.00USD a metre, but this can be as much as $45.00USD per metre depending on the company.

Conclusion: Borehole water also known as groundwater provides about 45 percent of global domestic water demands and 75 percent of Zimbabwe’s. In places where Borehole is readily available and of good quality, it can be a reliable resource.

Over the past two decades, Africa has witnessed a significant increase in drilled water wells or boreholes. These are financed by development programs as well as investments by water users and local businesses.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Target 6.1 is to “achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030”. Without a doubt, groundwater supplies,

Boreholes, in particular, have a tremendous role to play in reaching the SDG target for drinking water.

Cost of Borehole Drilling in Zimbabwe:

Depending on the drilling process, location, and manpower involved, borehole drilling can cost between $1200.00USD to $5000.00USD on average especially if you live in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Standard Rates For Borehole Drilling (Mutare Prices):

1. Borehole Siting: $80.00USD
2. Drilling and Casing: (40 Metres) $1200.00USD
3. AC Electrical Installation: $1000.00USD
4. Solar Pump Installation: $1350.00USD
5. 5000 Litre Tank and 4 Metre Tank Stand: $1000.00USD
6. Borehole Flushing: $200.00USD
7. Stuck Pump Fishing Out: $200.00USD
8. Capacity Testing: $250.00USD
9. Borehole Repairs and Maintenance: $50.00USD

- Double Casing: $25.00USD per metre.
- Extra Metres After 40 metres: USD $30.00USD per metre.

Please Note: Casing with Class 9 or 10 Casing incurs an additional $200.00USD.

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